It is estimated that a human mind thinks between 60,000 to 80,000 a day. 80% are negative thoughts. From time to time, many of us feel negative — and letting negative energy bog you down is easy. That can affect any part of your life when it does. “It’s important to get out of your mind the negative voice because, if it’s powerful enough, it has the power to [overcome you] — your meeting, your day, your relationships. Then the question arises that how we can rid all the negative thoughts if you had also the same question then the answer can be found in the points which are written below :

negative thoughts
write down all the negative thoughts
  • Firstly Write Down All Your Negative Thoughts :

If you have negative thoughts, writing them down simply and throwing them away may sound stupid, but it can make a big difference. After doing this you can record the events and get a clearer understanding of what you’re doing to yourself, and how you feel as a result.” And getting rid of those feelings is just as rewarding.

Negative Thoughts
Go outside and have some fun
  • Go Outside:

Outdoor spending time is a great way to purge yourself from negative energy. “The level of physical activity is not so much about getting away from the chaos of life to spend time peacefully reconnecting with both nature and our feelings. Simply go outside and have fun, it really helps you to rid all your negative thoughts and can convert it to the positive one.

Negative thoughts
Smile more and be happy
  • Smile More:

You’d be shocked that something as easy as smiling can have an effect on a person. “It can really change the mood. If you have trouble smiling when you’re feeling blue, take a minute and think of things that you’re thankful for — that can give you something to smile about. Negative thoughts are something that almost everyone deals with, so you shouldn’t feel bad about them. Smiling more!

Negative thoughts
Look At Your Job
  • Look At Your Job:

Sometimes you don’t realize that something can still be a negative force when you are performing well and getting a sense of achievement. But work can be an enormous source of negative energy, so be sure to pay attention to how you feel about the job, even if you are doing well. “You may feel nervous all the time and worried that all you do is wrong.

Negative thoughts
Don’t Pressurize Yourself
  • Don’t Pressurize Yourself

You create a lot of unnecessary negative energy if you have negative feelings and then blame yourself for having negative feelings. Note, however, that your negative emotions are actually OK. “Emotions help us interact with our own experiences and with others,” Sadly, many people may feel pressure from others not to express their feelings or are judged when they have a negative feeling.

I hope you will now be able to rid the negative thoughts from your mind after reading these points and if you are getting some problem then you can contact for counseling. The link is given you can contact Reinvent Wellbeing.