What is Well Being?

"It's a state of being
healthy & happy"

Hi! I am Aime

I play the role of mother, wife, daughter, teacher, healer, coach, student, friend, confidante…

I am a warm and compassionate listener, and truly empathic to the stories of others.

I am a passionate believer of self-empowerment and I am a life-long learner!

I have been working professionally as a high school teacher for over a decade, and my work gives me close access to the emotions and thoughts of young people. In order to help them better, I studied various modalities of helping-professionals, like, Psychological Counselling, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness Therapy, Hypnotherapy etc.

I have been a hatha yoga practitioner from quite an early age, and also am a professionally qualified Hatha Yoga Therapist.

For a decade now, I am practising Pranic Healing, and I am training people as a Pranic Healing instructor. I am a certified Akashic Records reader as well. I train people to be conscious of their energetic existance. I am in the continuous and continual process of learning new things and upgrading what I have learnt.

I remember that as a young girl, I had found that I was good at many things and could not decide what exactly I was supposed to do in life. I craved to talk to someone who understood, who would not judge or advise me (all that was too easily available, you must agree), who could help me to choose the direction in which my life was to unfold and guide me and help me to reach that goal rapidly and confidently.

But alas! I was left to my own means to figure it all out, and I did figure!!

….but with many wrong turns, disappointments and years passing in the bargain!

Would you like to avoid the unnecessary wastage of precious time in figuring out your life path?

Are you talented in many things, but unsure about your purpose in life?

Are you confused and bogged down with emotional issues and overthinking?

Are you paralysed by fears and doubts?

Are you stuck and need someone to help you out and move along with you towards your goal of success and fulfilment? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

I promise to hold your hand and help you discover your true potential, to set you off on your journey through self-discovery, responsibility and empowerment! That is my mission, to empower people to create their own beautiful future. Contact me for a free 30 minute session. You can enroll in a coaching interaction with me from the comfort of wherever you are, over phone or online, or in person.

May you be the whole of what you were meant to be!

With Love and Respect,


Phone: +91 8017372661

Email: amie23.ab@gmail.com