Life is funny.

You make a task list the night before and set the alarm 30 mins earlier. You go to bed with a happy smile knowing you have it all organized. But the next morning, the alarm goes off at the right time but you finally leave bed an hour later. Your task list is waiting for you patiently.

Nevermind, you console yourself. I still have plenty of time. So you make a nice breakfast and settle with your list over a steaming cup of coffee.

Task 1, work online. But the internet is not connecting to my wi-fi.

Ok. I will use my hotspot, you say peacefully. But for some reason, the connection does not happen.

Go to number 2 of the list, you maintain the peace. Hmm. Making phone calls…start with person one. The phone rings away. Number two…out of the station. Number three…unavailable.

It is already time for preparing lunch. Feeling a slight frustration creeping in. But still, you maintain the calm. All is well. The maid hasn’t come in too, so cleaning, washing and cooking to be added to the already overflowing list.

You silently go about the chores.

You have started feeling unproductive. The road ahead is forked. Just a single set back will topple the balance of your calm.

And it happens. ..while washing the clothes, your soup has charred. Your brown bread has burnt.

You stare helplessly about you. Inside you are screaming…will someone help!

But there is no one….just you and yourself. What to do at this time?

Apply the 10 Minute Rule.

To cope up with reinvent wellbeing
Allow yourself to feel the intensity of your emotions

Allow yourself to feel the intensity of your emotions. Cry, feel miserable. Tear some useless paper. Say “why me?” over and over again. Indulge and let all the sadness and frustration come out.

But keep a watch on the clock. This indulgence is for 10 minutes only.

As the clock nears the end of those 10 minutes, gather yourself back.

Remember, it’s just a day. And just half-a-day really so far.

You are healthy and intelligent and aware. Many many more half-days are left to be lived through.

Release the tension. Go back to your list and ruthlessly cut out the things not done. They will be done another day. They can wait.

Nothing is worth the misery of frustration. Nothing is worth spending more than ten minutes in misery.

Take a few deep breaths. Smile at yourself. Square your shoulders. Connect within, center.

Don’t let anything or anyone interrupt the flow of joy at life surging through you effortlessly, naturally.

Go see if the soup can be partially retrieved.

If it can’t, hum a tune and make a quick new one. Happily and at peace.

Apply the 10-minute rule.

I just did.

And the fresh soup is delicious.