This is the time to think.
This is the time to introspect.
For a long man has known that there is too much chaos, a lot of many unnecessary things and very little of the things really needed.

This has been quite obvious but we always chose to ignore it.
We called it convenience. I called it being realistic.

Every time there was a message, a sign, a reason to slow down, we hesitated to even pause fearing the loss of “so-called treasures”.
But nature wept and the earth bled.

The man shut his eyes. Nay actually kept it wide open but chose not to see.
We kept moving without pausing, without thinking.

Time was running out. We thought it was for nature. But in reality, it was for us.

We refused to stop, refused to think and refused to see the obvious.

This is where we are now!
Time to think.
Time to pause.

This crisis has done it all for us now. It has grounded us like no one ever thought possible.
The World has stalled. Tike has stopped in a sense.

This is the time to recollect our thoughts, reflect on our emotions and actions.

This is the time for nature to heal itself..naturally..the way it always has.

It shows us our place on the planet. Stripped of power and authority, we have been shown our reality.

This is not a war. This is a lesson for Mankind, a lesson long pending!

Let us recollect our thoughts.
Let us restructure them, change our priorities.
Let us regroup.
Let us reclaim our true nature. Love. love for all things manifest.

It is time to see the person beside you, feel them, express to them, Trust them and just “BE” with them fully!

Love can heal like no other..if only we realized this.
Don’t lose hope, Don’t lose faith.

Love, Hope, and Faith are mankind’s greatest treasures
and “Love” is the greatest of them all.

This is not a crisis!
This is the time to find Love, to find yourself!!

written by Dr. Prithvi.

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