In this time of global crisis, how can we maintain a semblance of order in our lives; keep out of the chaos and drama around and even, help ourselves to become better versions of ourselves?

While the entire earth is grappling to come to terms, we could choose to look at this as a global pause, a gap, given to us to restore balance, to look inwards, to take corrective measures, to harmonise our own lives. We could decide to understand that we, individually, make up the whole, and so individually, we can contribute to healing the whole, by healing ourselves.

Maybe we could start by taking another look at the following:

  • Maintaining a routine: though we are not going out to work just now, setting your routine can help you set a rhythm externally. Get up from bed at one time, go to sleep at one time. This sattvic pace helps to harmonise us internally.
  • Exercising: All the more required as we are not even going about our daily outdoor chores. We could start walking or jogging in our garden, the terrace, or starting a little routine of yoga or stretching. The idea is to keep moving!
  • Eating properly: Let the body heal with light, freshly-cooked natural foods. Include different coloured vegetables and fruits, if possible, in your daily diet.
  • Being creative: why not let everything you do be marked by your personal stamp? Why not do things differently- from making your bed, to rustling up a meal? Redecorate your house/room, rearrange the furniture….
  • Resuming a hobby: this is the time to re-look at that hobby you had no time for, given the busy pace of life. Painting, singing, gardening, carpentry, writing, cooking, baking, stitching, knitting…whatever it was, pick it up again!
  • Starting live streams or pages on social media to motivate and entertain others: you have a unique value to add in other lives. Help others through the medium of the internet. Be authentic. And please try to add value, spreading hope and light. Lift people up!
  •  Staying in touch with friends and family: This is the time we need to express support. Stay in touch through calls, video chats, and social media. Let them know, especially older people, that you are on call.
  • Being responsible and mature: Do not let your actions adversely affect others. Be responsible in your communications. Be mature in your actions. Refrain from spreading unauthorised information. Be considerate.
  • Turning inside: This is the time to look inwards like never before. Take time off a few minutes a day to reflect on your life so far and the life you wish for in the future. Be mindful of your surroundings, of the people around you, without being reactive. Be still, meditate.
  • Realigning, adjusting, and adapting:  The entire planet is in the process of adjustment. Re-think your plans, re-new and re-align with the situation. Do not let go of your dreams, everything with come back to order. Dream and execute keeping in mind the new order.

Let us turn this novel experience into a time for self-development so we can add more value to the life of others. Reinvent yourself!

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