Over 450 million people are suffering from mental disorders.  Depression will be the second-largest disease burden in the world by 2020, according to WHO (Murray & Lopez, 1996).  The global mental health burden will far outweigh the treatment capabilities of developed and developing countries. The potential for improving mental health as well as preventing and treating mental illness was focused on social and economic costs associated and economic costs associated with the increasing burden of mental ill-health. Mental health is therefore linked to behavior and considered to be fundamental to physical health and quality of life.

Our mental health overall is just as important as our physical health. While we try to keep our bodies fit and healthy, outfit and custom t-shirts, it is also necessary to keep our minds fit and strong too. However, most of us have no idea how we can keep our mental health in tiptop shape, and how we can understand those who have mental health problems.

Nearly half of the young generation worldwide has mental health problems. Most of them experience various forms of depression and anxiety due to peer pressure, family concerns, and poor self-esteem. Those who experience this resort also resort to many dangerous activities that could lead to severe complications.